Monday, 10 May 2010

Fair stood the wind for France pictures

Tyne Cot
These reconnaissance photographs were taken by senior KAMG pathfinder observer team (see above) who during the spring of 2010 and under the command of Brigadier David Parker, Observer, green badge holder & bar, lead his intrepid and brave team into northern France and managed to get them all safely back to blighty.

Many thousands of English holiday makers were stuck in France trying to get out and back to England due to a Volcano erupting in Iceland (No, not the store) and yet without fear of volcanic ash clogging up their engines everyone of the KAMG team, that also included female riders, pushed on into France.

Using what little French they knew coupled with a few euros and the odd tap washer the troops managed to buy Le l'essence sans plomb, food and coffee. But such was their desire to capture some miles they even went as far as Ypres (Leper) and the Menin Gate in occupied Belgium, all in their quest to get a good days riding in.

Once Ypres was breached the Brigadier held back and together with Mrs Parker controlled the transport whilst the troops invaded the city. To mix in with the locals and remain undercover the troops chewed garlic and wore sunglasses so as not to be discovered.

This historic event took place during the daylight hours of a weekend in April (the exact date is still top secret) and was reported in despatches in their much loved magazine Riders. A similar and further sortie to France is in the planning stage .
Tyne Cot

Excusez moi, combien le essence sans plomb s'il vous plait
Menin Gate -Ypres
Market square Ypres
Undercover troops at rest
Discussing tactical advancement

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Guest Speakers on April club night

Ex Police officer Roger Jackaman
Isobel Robinson from Spinal Research

April club night test pass

Shaun Curley and John Arnold (Observer)