Friday, 29 July 2011

July Club night

Terry Chapman receives a kiss for passing his motorcycle test,
should have bought a raffle ticket says Tina
Paul Woodward with his observer Mick Mills
Peter Gray with his Observer Dave Murphy
Steve Littlemore with his observer Tony Shepherd

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Riders July issue 178

July edition of Riders available on 28th July at the club night

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

June 2011 club night Ride out & BBQ

This great shot was supplied by Pieter and Maureen Halbertsma and shows a packed June meeting. If you don't come to club nights then you are missing a great evening.
Which ever way you look at it its a Fireblade, there are no police markings, the recording equipment is held in the tank bag, the camera (see other picture) is fitted just under the screen, and it looked like the Blue flashing lights are located either side of the screen. Go careful out there.
Two very different Police bikes. One says I'm a police bike don't temp me! The other says I'm a Fireblade come on and try me? You saw it here first Kent's covert police bike . Click on any image to see a larger version which you can print off.
The Vines crew at Brands Hatch
The BBQ was well attended and offered well done sausages
and juicy burgers with cheese and tomatoes if required
Both Bowen Moto and Vines Group BMW were kept busy signing up riders for the free ride outs, there were a wide range of bikes available for our members to use and the KAMG sincerely thank both companies for all their hard work in supporting the club.
The June club night meeting proved to be a success with over 100 members attending enjoying perfect weather for a BBQ and ride outs