Friday, 10 June 2011

A ride to Vianden the Jewel of Luxembourg

Vianden is a beautiful village in Luxembourg near the borders of France, Germany and Belgium, and offers excellent hotels, good food and perfect roads making this an ideal base for a motorcycling holiday. The following Photographs have been supplied by Roger Lancaster, Maureen and Pieter Halbertsma, Richard and Helen Bromley, Alan & Jane Bradford and Mike and Susan Mills and others.
After you with the pump sir

John Arnold our rear gunner
Pieter Halbertsma
Helen & Richard
Bernkastle Bears
Trying out the Pan European
The briefing in France
Rock climbing near Larochette an der fiels
Just what the dietician ordered
Parking in the town square of "Tournai" in Belgium was not a problem

Perfect roads
It's what grown men do OK!
Parking for all bikes
Secure off road parking
Don't try this at your local garage
As you can see the roads were dreadful, full of potholes and rubbish